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Is Trump a horrible human being? Or is he less than human?

The events of January 6, 2021, are the responsibility of Donald J. Trump.

He is a horrible human being. He does not stand for America or our democratic republic.

Recently I exchanged messages with someone who said to me, “He is not a human being.”

This made me think about what my friend said to me. I recoiled from it even with my utter disdain for the man I have begun referring to as Vanilla Isis.

It seems to me that the words of my friend are also a Trump manifestation. Without Trump’s actions based on his depravity, this human…

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For your consideration

In a pro-Trump, pro-fundraising, anti-democracy announcement, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) announced he would object next week when Congress convenes to certify the electoral college.

Tommy Tuberville, incoming Senator (R-AL), has said he will likely do the same. Hawley is the first to say he will object officially.

Senators Ron Johnson (R-WI), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Tom Cotton (R-AR) aren’t likely to let themselves be “out-Trumped” by Hawley and Tuberville.

Mo Brooks (R-AL) and other Republican House members have also said they will do the same in the House.

169 House Republican House members signed onto an amicus brief to overturn…

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For Your Consideration —

America has been under attack by a very sophisticated Russian cyber invasion.

The elite S.V.R. Russian intelligence agency has been inside dozens of government and private systems, including nuclear laboratories, the Pentagon, and the Treasury and Commerce Departments for months.

It is still unclear if the Russian cyber invasion has been sanitized from U.S. systems.

This attack on American sovereignty was discovered a few weeks ago.

The President remains silent.

The Russians are not silent.

In a public statement, Russia says the attack is another example of claims made up by American media.

Sound familiar?

Russia’s claim is harder to push back against given that The President of The United States…

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Republican disregard of democracy for a Trumpian autocracy

We have all heard about the conspiracies.

Voter fraud, Hugo Chavez, covered windows, boxes brought under cover of night, Dominion, quadrillion odds calculated, votes counted in Germany and Spain.

Of course, none of those things have been or ever will be proven to be true.

They are trotted out in made for TV “hearings” held in hotel ballrooms.

Trump and the “Elite Legal Strike Team” know the claims are false.

They are essential to creating a mythology that sustains anger and grievance, i.e., Trumpian victimhood.

The mythology creation began months before the election in front of our eyes.

· The…

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For Your Consideration —

17 Republican Attorneys General have joined the state of Texas lawsuit to discard the free and fair election in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

This anti-America and anti-democracy effort are not based on law or evidence.

My home state Florida is among the Republican-controlled states that joined this effort to throw away the votes of those four states.

This case will probably be reviewed tomorrow by the Supreme Court.

I can’t say for sure but all indications are this suit will go nowhere.

In many respects, it’s a publicity stunt meant to publicly kiss the ring of The Donald.


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Today, on Facebook, I blocked an old friend from High School who had a different political point of view.

It’s not something I do almost ever. My view is it’s a last resort.

My go-to is don’t walk away or end things unless they become relentless, intentional, disrespectful, and all about anger.

My choice was not based on our differences. Different points of view are healthy. They are a powerful way we learn from each other.

The differences I’m referring to relate to relentless personal attacks in defense of beliefs detached from reality. Survival for those views became more significant than the value of my friendship.

Expression of my points of view became regular opportunities to fire up anger and direct it at me…

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Over the last four years, I have often thought about the fundamentalist fervor that feels omnipresent with many Trump supporters. I don’t think I’m unfair in saying it doesn’t come from a political perspective or policy embrace.

· Trumpism isn’t a policy-driven political ideology.

· There is no unique policy promised to the people.

· The pillars of Trumpian policy appear to be tax cuts for the wealthy, excessive military spending, trade tariffs, a tendency toward a nationalist, nativist, and isolationist postures.

· Historically, the Republican party has embraced most of this. …

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Children often deny things they have done even when the evidence is plainly seen. It can be comical to see a child with peanut butter and jelly on their cheek claim, I didn’t do it when asked where the peanut butter and jelly sandwich went.

People frequently avoid what they don’t like, want to acknowledge, or face. Examples big and small dwell in our personal lives.

As adults, we describe this “truth avoidance” as lying, procrastination, denial, and enabling.

We make deals with ourselves and others to avoid dealing with the things we don’t want to face.

We find methods…

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We have seen signs of this since Trump secured the nomination in 2016.

The revised positions and enabling of Senators Graham and McConnell, and all the others like them are indeed the latest steps on a march toward hypocrisy and the destruction of ideas and discourse.

The recently announced and revised positions on the Supreme Court Nomination, by most of the Senate Republicans, are only the latest demonstration of devolvement.

These latest public prostrations confirm in many ways the final dissolving of the Republican Party.

Now in so many unspoken ways the Republican Party is dissolved and transitioned to the…

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After the passing of RBG, I’m taking a look at what’s (IMO)fair, true, and correct.

I will note, for now, that the primary difference between now and 2016 is…

A) The better part of a year.

B) 40 some days, prior to two different Presidential elections.

As I consider what I believe the best path that serves America is, I will likely have more to say.

For now, my point of view is this. Having no real Senate norms, i.e. the rules only serves to create dysfunction, chaos, and unreliability for America both domestically and internationally.

Senate Leader McConnell changed…

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Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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