AJ I'm glad you have gotten past your claims that BLM destroyed cities and towns. I'm heartened that we are both clear that never happened. As far as violence I see both uniformed and uninformed pro-Trump anti-American forces arrive at protests repeatedly. Just one example would be the Proud Boys. The pro-Trump Boogaloo Boys have the expressed goal of accelerating America toward civil war. The of the radicalization process falls more into the category of people like you AJ. Either unknowingly and for some intentionally these people are - what's the term Trump uses?- My beautiful digital warriors. These people like you AJ, are a part of a pro-Trumpism anti-America alt-reality propaganda echo chamber. I do find your claims regarding election fraud claims sweet, but tired, and without any evidence to support them. That seems to be the fundamental flaw in the claims of a rigged election that began at least a year before the election. No evidence. If even one of the claims you made here today had anything to back it up the President would be on in front of the cameras relentlessly explaining to the world how he was correct. He hasn't because he can't. He won't because he can't. He can't because there is no truth to his words, efforts, and actions. None zero. It's the same reason none of the vast amounts of voter fraud evidence get presented in any of the vast amounts of court cases Trump has lost. I do wish you would have said something about Hugo Chavez's involvement. That always makes me laugh. I hope you will come around and once again support democracy AJ. It creates space for discourse. It's imperfect but it has the greatest potential for perfection. Believe in democracy step away from your support of autocracy, my friend. The right-wing propaganda thing doesn't look good on you.

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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