Jim, I applaud your enthusiasm. I was and am aware of just about all the claims made in the link you provided. I am also aware of them being completely debunked. I am also aware that team Trump has been to court approx 60 times and presented little or none of this. On a few occasions they did and the courts found the claims not credible. Mostly they haven't presented any of this. They can. They could have. If they can back it up they should. They haven't and they won't. The point of all this is to create a sustainable mythology that will allow Trump to fundraise and remain relevant from Mar-a-Lago. He means to rule the Republican Party and weaken America's infrastructure of democracy further. The bigger question Americans have to start asking themselves related to Trump and almost all elected Republicans, ie the Republican Party is what can we do to eliminate a pro autocratic effort to destroy democracy in America. The danger is that we have seen throughout history seemingly smart decent people follow leaders that were obsessed with power. They often energized their base with "facts" that are anything but. My friend that is what we are witnessing now. Right now. Fortunately, SCOTUS stopped the most open example of canceling the will of the American people. The Republican Party can no longer be accurately described as a political party. The Republican Party is an organized political conspiracy bent on discarding the voice of the people in favor of a ruling political minority. Will Americans follow a man and his party toward an America where his word rules the day?

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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