Paul, I don't have a simple and direct answer for you.

I refer you to my subheadline, People are dynamic and messy.

If people consume an alt-reality stream of information for the most part

and depending on their life experince we will expereince of a variety of results from them.

Admitedly, my hopefulness comes through in saying,"Thier minds are making choices based on the information they are consuming.

That does not mean their minds are defective."

It think it's safe to say the minds of most Trump supporters are not defective.

I do think many who are attracted to Trump are poor white people and white people who are struggling or not doing as well as they thought they would.

America has legitimate issues realted to economic opportunity and equity for these people and even more for a high percetage of minorities.

My observation is that these circumnstance have positioned many to feel desperate and agreived.

This has made it easy for Trump to leverage their greviences and fear to his benefit.

IMHO, the result for many is seeing him as a kind of messianic figure. One that is flipping off the world in ways they want to but nobody sees or hears.

Many of these people move from political supporter to follower.

That is not to say they have defective minds, mostly.

It's an interesting topic as are all things realted to the human condition.

Thanks for checking in. I hope you will again in the future.

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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