Ruth Bader Ginsburg…What’s Next?

After the passing of RBG, I’m taking a look at what’s (IMO)fair, true, and correct.

I will note, for now, that the primary difference between now and 2016 is…

A) The better part of a year.

B) 40 some days, prior to two different Presidential elections.

As I consider what I believe the best path that serves America is, I will likely have more to say.

For now, my point of view is this. Having no real Senate norms, i.e. the rules only serves to create dysfunction, chaos, and unreliability for America both domestically and internationally.

Senate Leader McConnell changed protocol and practice by denying a sitting President, almost a year before a presidential campaign. a hearing for a SCOTUS nomination. Wasn’t fair — wasn’t right — wasn’t good for America — it was a break from long-standing protocols and norms.

Now we are paying the price and witnessing what will be increasing chaos and bitterness.

He changed the rules and protocols. He changed the rules to the game. He made the rules. Now the rules don’t serve the “in the moment advantage” of one party. So the rules change again as a matter of individual advantage.

Foundationally, I agree that nominees should be heard and get an up or down vote. But even more strongly I believe we can’t change the rules as a matter of momentary advantage to one entity over America. Over and over…

This chaotic approach of I win you lose chaos and rule change are a matter of convenience. This way of doing business does not serve America. In this current example, it only serves the Republican Party.

Citizens, businesses, and global partners cannot rely on America when America does not have a clear, consistent, and reliable direction? How can we be a trusted partner? We cannot.

This is a rapidly developing circumstance. As this develops I will have more to say. As always I will do my best to speak from the place of what I believe is best for America.

The creation of constant chaos we are seeing does not serve America. It only deepens the divide between Americans.

The last time I checked, We are America.

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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