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The Party Formerly Known as Republican

We have seen signs of this since Trump secured the nomination in 2016.

The revised positions and enabling of Senators Graham and McConnell, and all the others like them are indeed the latest steps on a march toward hypocrisy and the destruction of ideas and discourse.

The recently announced and revised positions on the Supreme Court Nomination, by most of the Senate Republicans, are only the latest demonstration of devolvement.

These latest public prostrations confirm in many ways the final dissolving of the Republican Party.

Now in so many unspoken ways the Republican Party is dissolved and transitioned to the Dear-Leader-Party, (DLP).

Consider this. There was no party platform created by the DLP at the “Republican Convention” in 2020.

For the first time, there was a decision to not create a party platform to stand as a statement of principles or direction.

You may or may not have known there was such a thing as a party platform. You may ask, why is it important.

Even if mostly symbolic, the building of party platforms was discussion and debate based on the ideas and principles of party leaders from around the country. A great many were often not holders of elected office.

It was in many ways a debate and affirmation of ideas within the overall political convention. It was never on TV and only covered in passing. Most Americans are mostly unaware of this aspect of the political conventions.

Think of it this way. What you saw on TV was the show. The building of the platform was what everything was supposed to stand on, in broad and specific ways, should the parties nominee win the election.

The DLP is now a party of ONE and stands on the shoulders of one and one alone. No longer a party built on the ideas of people.

Whether it is on Nov 3 or a different date, the DLP’s fall from “the one” will be far.

I am not a Republican and I do not agree with most of the former party's positions but I’m going to miss many of my Republican friends. I suspect when America wakes from this fever, they will miss it too.

Debate and discourse were often productive and in many ways created bonds of respect and mutual learning & improvement.

The DLP’s primary mode of operation is all things flow from the Dear Leader.

His positions and accusations are DLP doctrine.

DLP members must look to Twitter to establish and confirm their beliefs and positions.

The DLP, “Of the ONE — By the ONE — For the ONE.

Good luck to us all!!!

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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