Your list is appreciated. Having read through it and seeing that your list confirms my point, my question stands. Is Trumpsim a Cult? Pasted from my writing--"I don’t think I’m unfair in saying it doesn’t come from a political perspective or policy embrace.

· Trumpism isn’t a policy-driven political ideology.

· There is no unique policy promised to the people.

· The pillars of Trumpian policy appear to be tax cuts for the wealthy, excessive military spending, trade tariffs, a tendency toward a nationalist, nativist, and isolationist postures.

· Historically, the Republican party has embraced most of this. Elements of the party have wanted to embrace all of it." You list is a more detailed than mine but I wasn't writing about Trump policy. I was aking a question. I said there is little in Trump that differs from standard Republican policy. You list shows I am correct. Trump followers are primarly aware of his attitudes and style. They are largely not able to tick off your list or or mine. They are keenly aware of his anti-American efforts. Efforts that if perpatrated by any other elected official R or D would cause outcry. Is following a man with fervor who is currently on an unAmerican antidemocracy crusade to maintian power a cult? Or have they simply chosen to embrace an authoritarian autocrat?

Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

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